Based in the UK, Hydro Industries is a water technology company developing, designing and operating electro-solutions for water purification and industrial effluent processing.

Innovators of a complete water treatment solution, Hydro provides an unparalleled level of clean technology and service to a global market.

Why Hydro?

  • Small footprint, high yield solutions

  • Broad range of treatment options

  • Rapid install, modular and easily transportable systems

  • Ideal for remote or rural locations, where infrastructure is limited

  • Record of deployment in high risk areas

  • Reduced sludge volumes

  • Easily maintained and operated 


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Key Messages

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Hydro has a number of world firsts within its product range. Our unique 'in line' design allows continuous flow, enabling high volumes of water to be treated at rates un-matched throughout the electrochemical industry.

  • Sustainable


    The Hydro systems are energy efficient by design, providing a sustainable treatment method with a low ecological footprint. Our electrochemical methods mitigate the current environmental risks associated with chemical treatment.

  • Adaptable


    Our core technology can be adapted to suit your requirements. Our product portfolio has developed to solve a number of specific problems within various industry sectors. We also have the capability to accept special requirements and develop bespoke designs.

  • Efficient


    Hydro Industries client base reflects economically efficient solutions. Within the utilities sector independent evaluation has indicated an on average operational cost saving of 13 - 25% compared to other established technologies.