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A Case Study for Surface Water Remediation: County Mayo



The construction of the Bellanaboy Bridge gas terminal caused metal pollution to local water sources due to contaminated run off. Hydro successfully outcompeted other large names within the industry to win the contract. To prevent further contamination Shell asked Hydro to Engineer, Procure and Construct a water treatment plant to provide drinking water which would be subsequently pumped into the local site of specific scientific interest. Hydro's system was manufactured by Hydro and constructed into the existing infrastructure of the gas terminal. Hydro trained Shell operatives to manage the system and provided monthly service and support from 2010 to early 2016 when the water treatment plant ceased operation. 


The unearthing of metal rich soil and peat during construction led to contaminated run off and the potential to cause damage to a near-by Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), in doing so a breach of environmental regulations would have accrued. Modifications to water, pH, temperature and concentrations of suspended solids all posed risk to the surrounding biodiversity. The threat of direct poisoning to aquatic species and the potential of heavy metal bioaccumulation were also of concern.



shell-image.pngSix skid mounted Hydro units were deployed to the site which treat 1.5 mega litres of water per day. HydroCurrent treatment neutralises the negative charge of the run-off water enabling the coagulation of the metal ions and their subsequent removal as sludge. The water was treated to EU drinking water standards with the site remaining under monitoring with monthly service and maintenance visits by Hydro employees as per the clients' request.