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A Case Study for Ground Water Remediation: Llanelli




The home ground of the Llanelli based Scarlets rugby team, Parc Y Scarlets is also home to a Hydro water treatment unit. The Hydro unit supplies treated water to the pitch irrigation system, this method has enabled this project to be classed as a world's first with Parc Y Scarlets being the only stadium that uses treated borehole water to irrigate the pitch using electrochemical (EC) treatment. Currently, the water is treated to the required standard to maintain the main playing pitch, however the Hydro system has the potential to provide clean drinking water to the entire stadium.


Hydro Industries are a key sponsor of the Scarlets rugby team and sponsors the North Stand as well as providing irrigation for the pitch via HydroCurrent technology. With the stadium experiencing high water usage there was a requirement for an efficient method of water management. Each time the pitch is watered it uses approximately 10,000 Litres of water. During the summer months this volume can double in order to maintain the pitch condition resulting in a massive 20,000 litres being used. Access to an onsite borehole provided a platform to an effective long term solution that would combat the high water usage derived from a metered mains supply.


A Hydro EC unit and filtration system were installed on site to treat water from an existing bore-hole to the standard required for irrigation of the playing pitch. The unit treats 4,000 litres/hour enabling the provision of clean water for irrigation as per requirements. The Hydro system has increased the water management efficiency of the stadium, resulting in reduced usage of the mains metered supply thus creating cost savings. With the success of this project Parc Y Scarlets have looked into the ability of the Hydro system to supply treated water to the training pitch as well as potable water to shower, toilet and kitchen facilities.