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A Case Study for Oil Separation: Houston




T&T Salvage are a sector leader within the marine salvage industry and as such frequently have to mitigate or remediate oil pollution. Hydro's high tech research and development approach has enabled us to create a product that has proven to be an extremely effective solution to a wide range of challenges that T&T face.


Worldwide traffic from both the shipping and leisure sectors have great potential to cause marine pollution with ships running into difficulty at sea on a daily basis. The environmental impact of oil spills can be disastrous, from the physical smothering of organisms, ecosystem changes and chemical toxicity with lethal effects upon flora and fauna. A solution to mitigate the effects of this type of pollution is necessary within the marine salvage industry.



Working with T&T, Hydro Industries have developed a compact electrochemical treatment system that is able to rapidly separate oil from water. The Hydro 400 system utilises HydroCurrent technology and can operate at a rate of 40m3/hour. Weighing less than 900kg the unit is mobile and transportable with the ability to be lifted into position using a helicopter. T&T have recognised the versatility of the product and have commissioned units to be held on standby in Houston, Texas ready for deployment to emergency situations.