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A Case Study for Oil Separation: Marseille




Hydro Industries were called upon to treat the aftermath of a cruise ship accident in Marseille, France. Water contaminated with oil posed a threat to the natural environment and was prohibiting the remedial work required to right the ship. Hydro effectively combated the oil pollution and enabled recovery works to commence.


In 2012 a cruise ship docked in Marseille broke loose from its stationary chains during a storm event and collided with the quay. Damage to the hull allowed water to leak into the engine room contaminating it with oil. This water required treatment before it could be discharged to sea, this action coincided with the requirement for water to be removed from the hull before salvage works were instigated. The risk posed to sea life was high and ever increasing as the ship sat damaged.


Hydro rapidly deployed a unit to site that was able to treat the contaminated water at a flow rate of 500m3/hr. This system was situated on a constructed shoreline area next to the ship. The oil was successfully separated and contained whilst the treated water discharged back to sea. Remedial work to the damaged hull was able to commence within days of the accident. The success of the operation highlighted Hydro's ability to provide a fast and effective service to the marine salvage sector. As such US Company T&T salvage have Hydro units on stand-by in Houston, Texas ready for deployment in the event of oil spills at sea.