22 Mar 2021

On World Water day, our CEO, Wayne Preece, describes a global first - a remote build of a water purification plant in Bangladesh.

What does water mean to you? That’s the question posed by the UN today. Here in Wales, I’m tempted to sigh and say rain. We take this precious natural resource for granted.

Not so in Morrelganj. There, clean, safe, drinking water is priceless. More often than not, supply is scarce and what’s available is contaminated, sometimes with arsenic.

Today, however, there’s hope. Despite the global pandemic, Hydro has managed to design, build and ship a water purification plant nearly 5,000 miles, to Morrelganj so that some of the most impoverished people on earth have access to this basic right.

Lockdown prevented us flying out to finish the job, but today our engineers are breaking new ground by remotely directing local tradesmen to assemble the plant on our behalf. It’s hard to think of a better use for Zoom!

I’m told it will take 10 days. Then there’ll be around 40,000 litres a day to quench the thirst of 2,000 people. Our partners - BRAC - are on the ground to distribute and together we aim to expand the scheme to many more communities so World Water Day will hopefully be a better day in future.