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Introducing the Hydro 400


The Hydro 400 is a compact electrochemical waste water treatment unit which has the ability to treat municipal, industrial, mining and oil separation waste water streams to stringent regulatory standards. 

This modular skid mounted unit delivers the latest in waste water treatment technology, providing high quality effluent that is suitable for discharge into the environment or into reusable water sources.

The Hydro 400 is a cost effective answer to waste water challenges of all levels, a clean technology helping to mitigate and reduce environmental pollution.

Key Features

  • HydroCurrent Treatment
  • Capable of treating 40,000 litres/hr
  • Power: From 13Kwh 
  • Mobile and transportable weighing 
  • just 880kg
  • Fast onsite installation
  • 1.5m x 3.6m (l) x 1.6m(h)



Wastewater Management
Oil Separation
Mineral Recovery
Ground Water Remediation

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