About us

Hydro Industries is a world class water technology company, based in the UK, operating across many continents. 


We manage and clean up industrial wastewater, help protect our planet and provide safe drinking water in challenging environments.  


Our systems enable companies to meet strict and ever more demanding environmental standards, salvage valuable materials, save money and push the boundaries of science and innovation. 


We offer bespoke solutions, designed and built by our own engineers and chemists to address the specific needs of individual clients.


Our team believes in building strong, long term relationships, and understanding the wider geopolitical and cultural context in which our clients operate. We therefore strive to conduct business face to face wherever possible and have opened offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt to complement our U.K. bases in London and Swansea.


We are agile, energetic, efficient and ambitious – the ‘can do’ spirit is written into our DNA. 


We are professional and we care. 

Our Mission

Harnessing technology to enable companies to be environmentally responsible and economically ambitious and helping to deliver the United Nations’ goal of safe water and sanitation for all.

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