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Penny Mordaunt MP Secretary for State for DFID Visits Hydro Industries HQ in Llangennech


Hydro Industries were very pleased to show Penny Mordant MP, Stephen Crabb MP and our wonderful investors – Henry and Diane Engelhardt what our technology can to help the disadvantaged abroad whilst creating jobs and growth in the UK.

Prime Minister takes Welsh Firm on First Visit to Africa


Hydro Industries Named in UK Tech list of 35 Companies Showing The Best of Innovation and Technology in the UK Economy


Hydro Industries Brings Clean Water to Troubled Mogadishu


Water technology company Hydro Industries is taking part in a project that will see its water purification system delivering a reliable and affordable source of clean water and waste management to people in Mogadishu.

Innovative Technology to Treat Water Showcased in New Dheli


Based on proven electro coagulation technology, Aquapurum’s solutions are able to convert borewell or surface water into potable water in a matter of minutes.


The event was attended by several senior officials from government, estate managers and experts working in the field of water treatment and regeneration.


Speaking at the launch event, St. John Gould, India Director, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) said,” We are delighted to bring the best of British technology and innovation to India through this partnership. At UKTI, we are always exploring opportunities for collaboration between UK and India that can benefit both countries. We will be happy if the UK can play a part in India’s campaign to get safe water to millions of its citizens.”

Speaking at the event, Hydro Industries Chairman David Pickering said, “Hydro – which is one of the fastest growing companies in Wales – is a pioneer in field of water treatment and we are confident that through Aquapurum will be able to address the growing demand for waste water treatment in India”.


Aquapurum has successfully begun installation of its machine – EC 100 – in Rohan Ashima – a residential society in Bengaluru.

The system is connected to the main tank that provides water supply to the entire community, where residents are using the water for general purposes, including bathing, cooking, washing and drinking.


Some residents have also opted to remove water purifiers from their kitchens, recognising that the water coming out of their taps is of drinking quality.

Welsh Trade Mission Targets Construction Deals at Big 5


With Welsh exports of goods to the UAE exceeding $1.8 billion in 2014, the delegation from Wales attending this year’s The Big 5 have their sights firmly set on securing some major deals.


The official Welsh trade delegation comprised of ten companies exhibiting and a further six companies on the mission, all of which are eager to access the region’s expanding construction industry.

Hydro Industries Explores Regional Opportunities


Hydro has entered a formal partnership with Brighstone Middle East and will leverage the regional knowledge of its new partners to grow its business and market share in areas such as provision of drinking water, waste water management and oil separation technologies.


Hydro has already installed its systems in the UAE, with live projects in the Northern Emirates.

Hydro Chairman and Rugby World Cup Director David Pickering Hails Record Breaking Tournament


The former Welsh Rugby Union chairman described the 89,267 attendance at Wembley for the Romania v Ireland match as quite incredible and is excited that matches are now broadcast in territories such as Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Cuba.

It’s been a fantastic six weeks of rugby.

Today, he has an energetic business career. He has built up R&A properties with his lifelong friend Nigel Lovering. It is now developing the former Ministry of Defence site at Llangennech.

He is also chairman of water purification specialists Hydro Industries, based at Stradey Park Business Centre.

When asked about leaders he admires, he name-checks both Wales coach Warren Gatland and Hydro’s chief executive Wayne Preece.

From Army Commander to Leading Hydro Charge to Bring Clean Water to India


According to the barrack room ballad old soldiers never die, they just fade away. Rick Libbey is an old soldier who hasn’t faded away but chosen to reinvent himself as the Indian representative of water purification company, Hydro Industries. At the award-winning company’s headquarters in Llangennech the former Commander 160 Wales Brigade talks about his association with his present employer and the circumstances that brought him there and eventually to India. When I headed the Prince’s Trust Cymru I was asked by a Hydro director if the Prince of Wales might be interested in being involved in a project that was turning contaminated water into clean drinking water he said. In addition to this were the various capabilities Hydro was developing around separating contaminates from water to allow it to go back into the ground uncontaminated.

When the trust moved its office from the Llanelli Town Hall to Llangennech Business Park Mr Libbey was able to examine more closely the work Hydro, which was topped last year’s Wales Fast Growth 50 project of the fastest growing indigenous firms on turnover, was doing. This, he recalls, involved experimenting with electric coagulation, a process where contaminated water is charged by releasing elements of the aluminium within an electrode. This reverses the charge around the contaminates within the water, causing them to coagulate. Then the water goes into a filter process and comes out the other end as clean drinking water. When the Prince of Wales opened Hydro’s new office at Llangennech and saw what was being developed he expressed an interest having seen the potential offered in relation to his own estates. Having monitored the company’s progress over the intervening years Mr Libby was invited by Hydro’s directors to work on a project about to be launched in India. This was a joint venture which looked to locate purification units, that made clean drinking water at mobile telephone mast sites in that country, he explained. The idea was that the partner in this joint venture was going to provide sustainable energy to power these mast sites. In doing so they were looking for a third party at these sites to take up any surplus power they could produce for additional revenue and came across Hydro. So a joint feature was born with Hydro putting its Electro Coagulation 100 (EC 100) unit, that can produce 80,000 litres of clean drinking water a day, on mast sites around India. Following a briefing at Llangennech, where Mr Libbey became acquainted with the appalling statistic that 1.5 million children die every year in India due to disease related to the consumption of contaminated water, he accepted the post as director of operations, India. This would entail heading the joint venture project aimed at delivering clean, drinking water to all levels of society in the sub-continent. I came to Llangennech where I did my basic training and developed an understanding of the systems involved in greater detail and the business side of the project. Then in early July I went to Bangalore where the joint ventures head office is located and began work with our partners Intelligent Energy. This is a UK company with an Indian subsidiary called Essential Energy, looking to provide power to mast sites and the power to water purification systems around India. Over the past four weeks Mr Libbey has been leading a small team and setting up the organisational structure which will lead to the provision of the first 60 units being in place by the end of September. He explained: Once that’s happened we will be looking to grow at 30 additional units a month which is a challenging business target but very achievable. India is an interesting place to be and full of surprises. In terms of doing business there is a great deal of bureaucracy and for us it means knowing what the regulations are. We know what permissions and licences we need, which has been a challenge but we are on target and have a skilled workforce in place. The very nature of the work undertaken means there has been a great interest shown in Hydro’s work. As Mr Libbey explained: Our electric coagulation system produces virtually no waste whereas the process most of India depends on for drinking water, provides at least 50% waste in the process. Consequently there is a lot of enthusiasm for Hydro’s technology from an environmental standpoint. This also extends to our technology in relation to oil separation, sewage treatment and other requirements which are being looked at.

It’s all a long way from his days in Brecon and an ordered military life but he admits to enjoying it. He said: In terms of my previous military experience that’s very relevant and I’ve called on that in the last four weeks to provide some organisational framework in which we can think logically. This leads to people thinking on their feet and making decisions in a timely fashion. Overall its been useful and people are already using some military nomenclature already which is useful. As to the future Mr Libbey is all too aware of the size of the task before him and the vastness of the country he now operates in. There is, he said, a huge demand for water with current production meeting only about 25% of all its needs for clean drinking water. Much of what we do must be linked to education by working with government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to stop the drinking of contaminated water. But this is a commercial venture so we have to sell our water but we hope to sell it cheaper than anyone else and access subsidies from NGOs so they can give the water where it’s needed. But it won’t be easy because there are still those who will drink contaminated water. Finally his thoughts return to the methodology by which Hydro and its partner obtain the water they then purify. A hole can be bored in the ground and water extracted from that or, if there is an existing water supply, that can be purified directly from source. The concept at present is to place all our sites adjacent to telecommunication masts, which are on the edges of towns. In the compounds that surround these masts are generators which are used in the event of a power failure. We put our treatment plant in there and generate water either from a bore hole or one already sunk. Then we get a franchisee who will be our distributor and distribute it himself or sell it to a retailer. Within a wider context the Hydro operation has, Mr Libbey believes, growth potential. There are, he said, countless countries in the same position as India where they have water but not the right type. We think our capability is so agile it can be deployed really quickly and can be used in disaster relief operations like those going on in Nepal. Here we could have produced 70,000 litres of water from these units which are no bigger than two metres high and a metre-and-a-half wide. Hydro’s Indian joint venture is set to run for some years and Mr Libbey’s involvement will be intense in the initial period as recruitment gets underway. We have our eyes on other opportunities in the Far East where there is a demand for the work we do, he said. As to any comparison with his army career the team, he said with a smile, is smaller but in terms of organisation and structure it’s about empowering people to make decisions. I have backup comprising all the experience that sits here in Llangennech in research, development, finance and legal advice, he said. So there are many military-like parallels.

Global Firm With Welsh Stamp Makes Splash


“I was blown away by the technology I found in Swansea and I knew I needed to take this opportunity. We set up three years ago and we’ve definitely found our feet. Now we’re a truly global company.”


That is how Wayne Preece, a man who previously worked in the defence sector, came to be chief executive officer of ground-breaking water technology company, Hydro Industries.

Hi-Tech Water Business Hydro Industries Strikes £1m Partnership in the Emirates and Receives a Visit From Hollywood Star Rhys Ifans


Hi-tech water treatment firm Hydro Industries has secured a partnership worth more than £1m to support water treatment plant developments in the United Arab Emirates.


Hydro, which was set up at Llangennech near Llanelli in 2011, will be shipping its first three Hydro 400 units to Sharjah to support Gulf Eco Friendly Services™ (GEFS) current business and its water treatment plant developments.

First Shipment to US Marks Milestones for Llanelli's Hydro Industries


A unique marine water purification system designed and developed by Hydro Industries in Wales is en route to the USA for use by one of the world’s largest and most successful salvage companies.


The hi-tech system designed for T&T Salvage will be used in major marine salvage and oil spill operations throughout the USA. It has the capacity to purify contaminated sea water at a rate of up to 500 tonnes of water an hour Hydro believe this is 6 times faster than their nearest global competitor.

Carwyn Jones Helps Seal Hydro Industries Deal on US Trade Trip


Wales based Hydro Industries today announced a joint venture with T&T Salvage – one of the world’s largest and most successful salvage companies which is set to create 100 new jobs.

The deal – sealed in the presence of the First Minister Carwyn Jones on Monday evening in San Francisco – will see unique products that have been developed and patented in Wales deployed across the United States market.

Celebrating the best in Welsh Business


New Start Up Company of the Year, Sponsored by Hydro Industries Limited.


Hydro Industries, based in Llangennech, Carmarthenshire, provides innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to water treatment. Its growing client base with a focus on the overseas market includes Tata in India. It sees itself as playing a key role in developing South Wales as a global centre of excellence for water treatment.

Hydro Industries 2014 Wales Fast Growth 50 Winners


Hydro Industries are the fastest growing company in Wales 2014 with a growth percentage of 762.2% on the previous year. Also winning fastest growing global and creative and Knowledge Company, Hydro is targeting export growth in key sectors such as drinking water and wastewater management, together with applications in mining and steel production.

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